Village of Monroeville

Tax Department


Download the forms for the municipal taxes.  *Please remember a copy of your 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ along with all W2's and 1099's should be included with your form.  The rate for the municipal tax is 1 %.

Administrative Specialist:

                               Debbie Ewell

                               Phone:  419-465-4443


Village Tax Returns cannot be filed electronically.  Please mail your return to P O Box 496, Monroeville  OH  44847 or drop it off at the Administrative Office at 2 S. Main St. Monroeville OH  44847.

The interest rate for unpaid taxes is 7% with a late filing fee of $25.00 per month up to $150.00.  There will be a  penalty fee of 15% of the amount not paid in a timely manner.   Also there is a 50% fee of the amount due for withholding payments not paid in a timely manner. 



***ATTN:  Employers -  On June 14, 2016 Gov. John Kasich signed SB 172.  The bill covered an amendment to municipal tax laws that changed the quarterly withholding deadline back to the last day of the month instead of the 15th.  This will be effective with 3rd quarter payments in 2016.*** 

Available Documents

No Work Performed No Work Performed form
Download 201406061339570.pdf

Download 201603250851410.pdf

Employer's Monthly ReturnEmployer's Monthly Return
Download 201611301234520.pdf

W-3 Reconciliation FormW-3 Reconciliation Form
Download 201612011023220.pdf

Employer's Quarterly Withholding formEmployers Quarterly Withholding form
Download 201701180806410.pdf

Affidavit of ExemptionAffidavit of Exemption
Download 201701250831480.pdf

Income Tax OrdinanceMunicipal Income Tax Ordinance
Download 201705251359290.pdf

Form 2106Form 2106
Download 201801081009550.pdf

Business Income Tax Registration FromBusiness Income Tax Registration
Download 201801081014120.pdf

2018 Individual Income Tax Return Form2018 Individual Income Tax Return Form
Download 201901241130450.pdf

Individual Income Tax Return InstructionsIndividual Income Tax Return Instructions
Download 201902081044130.pdf

Corporate Estimated TaxFill in the year as appropriate.
Download 201311250103160.pdf

Corporate Income TaxThis document includes instructions.
Download 201311250110350.pdf