Chasing Grandpa: 75 Years Later

November 12, 2019

Join us this evening for an intimate perspective on D-Day through the eyes of a soldier, begining at 5:30pm.

Presented by Eric Ebinger, Grandson of Dale Ebinger, 1st Engineers Special Brigade, Utah Beach.

Step back in time to 1944 for a unique perspective on the D-Day invasion.  Just a few weeks ago, Eric and his wife Misty returned from a Smithsonian tour of England and France as part of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.  Video and photographs of the trip, including rarely visited places, will accompany the program wich will cover the experiance of a soldier landing on Utah Beach.  The program will also cover the advance of troops after D-Day as the Americans liberated the villages of Cherbourg, St. Lo, Mere Eglise.

Military enthusiasts, WWII enthusiasts and those who remember longtime North Fairfield resident Dale Ebinger will all enjoy the program.