Village of Monroeville

Coronavirus NOTICE

March 16, 2020


  In light of the unprecedented emergency declarations at both the National and State levels to curb the trend of Covid-19, our municipal facilities will be following suit.  Rest assured that our Village utility and public works services are strong. Our goal is to maintain our levels of excellency as we take the necessary precautions to effectively practice social distancing.  In order to keep our employees and facilities performing at optimum ability, the following directive has been initiated.


                  All municipal buildings and public works facilities will have locked public access.  Having said that, each department will continue to provide services as normal and business hours will remain the same.  What this means for the public (temporarily) is that all business should be done via phone, email, fax or in the case of the village office, the outside drop box may be used.

 We appreciate your patience and understanding during this global challenge.  The health and safety of all of our communities and families are paramount.  Together, in time, we will come through this pandemic.  Continue to look out for each other, especially the most vulnerable in our village.  May God bless you and keep you safe.


Melissa M. Fries-Seip

Monroeville, Ohio







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