Village of Monroeville

TEMPORARY Changes to our Utility Policy continued

October 15, 2020

Due to the number of employers forced to temporarily close in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and the Village of Monroeville closing the Administrative Offices to the public, we will be making the following TEMPORARY changes to our Utility Policy regarding payment plans and shut offs.  The policy will be in effect until May 31, 2020 and at that time will be re-evaluated for extensions to this policy on a month to month basis.

1. Payment plans will be issued on a case be case basis.  The customer must first call the Utility Office at 419-465-2922 and request a payment plan.  The Fiscal Officer will approve all payment plans via email, or a signed agreement.

2. In the event the customer has an appointment with an agency for financial assistance, we will honor that appointment and wait until the agency has determined how much they can help before continuing with any disconnection.  The agency MUST confirm the appointment/assistance by telephone, fax or email.

3.  No water meters will be disconnected for non-payment of water services at this time.

4. Beginning with the utility bill due April 10, 2020 we will not post penalties to delinquent bills.  We will still mail the delinquency (shut off) notice as a reminder, but will not post a penalty to the delinquent portion.

5. In no way does this policy allow any waiver of payments for utility bills.  We will do our best to help people with payment plans so they don't get too for behind during this time; however, we will continue with disconnections for failure to notify the Administrative Office for the need to establish a payment plan, or for failure to follow through on any payment arrangements.


Melissa Fries-Seip, Mayor                          

Bonnie Beck, Fiscal Officer



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