Village of Monroeville


The Village of Monroeville operates a utility providing water service to the village.  The department is also responsible for the infrastructure for the water to be delivered to homes and businesses.    The department tests fire hydrants on a semi-annual basis.   The water meters are read on a monthly basis.  The Water Department has bulk water for sale at the water plant located at 136 Monroe St.  There is a coin operated system for your convenience.


Contact information

Superintendent - Don Clark

Assistant Superintendent - Bret Gfell

Staff-   Rick Whiteside, Jr.   -  Kevin Gerber



Phone:  419-465-4182

Fax:      419-465-4637




Available Documents

Consumer Confidence Report for 2013Consumer Confidence Report for 2013
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Consumer Confidence Report for 2014Consumer Confidence Report for 2014
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Consumer Confidence Report 2015Consumer Confidence Report for 2015
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Backflow formBackflow form
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Consumer Confidence Report 2016Consumer Confidence Report for 2016
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