21 North Main St Monroeville OH 44847 419-465-2922 or 419-465-4443
Village of Monroeville

Electric Department


elec dept

Electric Superintendent: David Hamons Jr.

Staff: Colton Ott

Seasonal Staff: Isaac Clingman

Ph: 419-465-4149

Fax: 419-465-5535

Email: MonroElectric@MonroevilleOhio.com

The Village of Monroeville operates a utility providing electrical service to the village which lies generally within the incorporated village limits. Bulk electric power is purchased through the electric cooperative, AMP Inc. Through a system of substations, distribution lines, and transformers, the power is supplied to customers on-demand at locations and at voltages appropriate to their needs. The utility is also responsible for the street lighting system. 

In the summer and winter months, there are several no-cost ways to save electricity, such as turning off unnecessary lights, unplugging unused electronics, avoiding using electric heaters, and setting optimal air conditioner or heat temperatures.

Ohio’s peak season for tornadoes is April through July. Please remember that the Village tornado siren is meant to alert people who are outdoors so that they are able to seek shelter from an approaching storm.

Please report any electric outages or problems to the Electric Department as soon as possible. If the issue occurs after hours, please call the Monroeville Police Department at 419-465-2345 and they will contact an on-call Electric Department employee.  NEVER TOUCH any electric lines that are on the ground or within reach.

Please click on the Utility Bill Pay tab listed above, for information on utility bill pay, shut-offs and reconnects, and/or starting or stopping service. If your electric service is disconnected due to non-payment, please do not contact the Electric Department. Instead, contact the Village Administrative Office, at 419-465-2922.




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