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Village of Monroeville


Weddings Officiated by the Mayor

Mayor Joseph Galea is pleased to solemnize weddings for any couple wishing to get married in the State of Ohio. Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, Mayor Galea may perform a wedding ceremony anywhere in the state. There is no fee for the service. Weddings may be performed at the venue of the couples’ choice, depending on travel distance and the Mayor’s availability. The Monroeville Municipal Complex, the gazebo at Commons Park, or the river side or shelter houses at Marsh or Clark Parks are available for weddings at no charge. If desired, couples may write their own vows. Wedding ceremonies are subject to the Mayor’s availability, as well as the availability of the MMC or shelter houses. 

To schedule a wedding, please contact the Administrative Office at 419-465-2922.  The couple need not be Village residents, but Village residents receive scheduling priority. An Ohio marriage license, valid the day of the ceremony, is required. The couple is required to obtain this license. The license may be obtained from the Probate Court where at least one of the spouses resides. Village residents would obtain their marriage licenses at the Huron County Probate Court, 2 East Main St., Room 106, Norwalk, OH 44857 (phone: (419) 668-4383). Out of state couples wishing to get married in the Village would also obtain their marriage license at the Huron County Probate Court.