21 North Main St Monroeville OH 44847 419-465-2922 or 419-465-4443
Village of Monroeville

General Contractors


Janotta & Herner, Inc.

309 Monroe St. Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-465-4611
Fax: 419-465-2866

Website: http://www.JanottaHerner.com

Email: Office@JanottaHerner.com

Commercial and residential site work.


Underground Utilities

416 W Monroe St. Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-465-2587
Fax: 419-465-4289

Website: http://UndergroundUtilitiesInc.com

Email: UUI@hmcltd.net

Contact: John A. Bores

Water and sewer construction.


Wilhelm Construction

2746 Hettle Rd. Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-465-3000

Fax: 419-465-4088

Website: http://WilhelmConstruction.com

Email: WilhelmCC@Frontier.com

Contact: Joe Wilhelm

General building construction.


Caldwell Roofing

P. O. Box 295 Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-465-4325

Contact: Ted Caldwell


Helmstetter Home Improvements

1624 Remelle Rd. Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-663-0213

Fax: 419-660-0244

Email: Ajh5Habe@aol.com

Contact: Mike or Abe Helmstetter

Construction/remodeling, handyman, commercial & residential.

Tusing Builders & Roofing Services - Ohio

Tusing Builders & Roofing Services

2596 Rt 20 W Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-465-3100
Fax: 419-465-3101

Website: http://TrustTusing.com


Contact: Jason Tusing

Design-build, commercial, or residential contractor. Specializing in new construction and remodeling.



No photo description available.

Strecker Remodeling and Construction

11911 Thomas Rd. Monroeville, OH. 44847

Phone: 419-499-1173 / 419-203-7188

Website: www.StreckerRemodeling.com

Contact: Matt Strecker

Email: Matt@StreckerRemodeling.com