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Columbia Gas Flier

Hometown Hero Banner Application

Welcome Braucher's Village Meat Market

Please join us in welcoming a new business to the Village of Monroeville! Located at 39 S Main Street, Braucher's Village Meat Market offers beef, chicken, pork, deli meats, a variety of cheeses, Golden Crisp potato chips and more!

Thank you to Josh and Cassandra Braucher for bringing their business to the Village! 



Monroeville Community Hometown Hero Banners

American Legion Post #547

Amerian Legion Post # 547 member Scott Sparks is coordinating the Monroeville Community Hometown Hero Banner Program. The mission of this program is to honor and recognize community of Monroeville service members and their families who serve, have served or have given their lives to this great country in the United States Armed Forces. Banners will be displayed on light poles along US Route 20 and Monroe Street for the period of Memorial Day through Veterans Day. Banner locations will be selected randomly, and specific display locations cannot be requested, however, family members can request their banner be displayed with other family/friends, provided that space is available. If you are interested in purchasing a Hometown Hero Banner, please click on the NEWS tab above and the application can be downloaded from the Available Forms section of the page. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Sparks at 419-706-2901, FlyBoy3105@gmail.com. A sample of the banner is pictured below.