21 North Main St Monroeville OH 44847 419-465-2922 or 419-465-4443
Village of Monroeville

Wastewater Department

Wastewater Superintendent: Donald Clark

Assistant Superintendent: Wes Brewer

Staff: Rick Whiteside Jr., Chadd Nutter & Alex Hoyt

Ph: 419-465-4025

Fax: 419-465-4637

Email: Water@MonroevilleOhio.com

The Village of Monroeville operates a  utility that provides sewer service to the village. The department is responsible for the treatment of sewage, disposal of solids, and the operation and maintenance of the sewage collection station. The department oversees the infrastructure for the wastewater system.

We would like to remind all sanitary sewer users not to dispose of any mercury-containing items or fluids in the sewer. There is a ”Mercury in the Household” brochure that can be downloaded from the Available Documents section of this page.

Please click on the Utility Bill Pay tab listed above, for information on utility bill pay, shut-offs and reconnects, and/or starting or stopping service.

Available Documents

2021 Report

Ohio EPA Mercury Fact Sheet

2022 CSO Report

2023 CSO Report