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Village of Monroeville

Contractor Registration


Please be advised that all contractors, sub-contractors, firms, corporations, or persons performing work in the Village of Monroeville are required by Ordinance to register with the Village Administrative Office, and provide copies of their insurance policy prior to an commencing work. In addition, all required permits must be obtained, and have fees paid prior to commencing work.

The contractor registration fee is $25.00 for first time contractors, and $10.00 for contractors who have registered in the immediate prior year, effective January 1st of each year. The minimum required amount of the contractor’s liability insurance shall be $500,000.00. The Village of Monroeville shall be named as additional insured for any work to be performed on Village owned property. The fee and insurance information shall be submitted to the Monroeville Administrative Offices either by mail or in person. Please enclose a self- addressed stamped envelope when registering by mail, so that a copy of your accepted registration can be mailed to you. If a stamped return envelope is not provided, your registration will be held at the Village Administrative Office for pick-up.

The contractor registration form can be downloaded under the Available Forms section of this page. 

Available Documents

Contractor Registration Form

Contractor Registration Form